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Events Calendar

Click below to download the interactive PDF Event Calendar. You can access each training by clicking on it within the calendar.

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UHG Who’s Who

NEW- UHG Business Calculator

Google Drive Link*

*After clicking the link. Go to “File” – “Make a Copy” and then you can edit your own version!


Go To

Username: UHG email

Password: callfire (lowercase)


Go To

Username: firstname.lastname 

Password: landvoice (lowercase)

UHG Marketing Center

Go To The Marketing Center

Username: UHG email

Password: uhgmarketingcenter (one word all lowercase)


Go to Trainual

Log in’s are unique and you set them up

Call Fire Training

Have questions about How, What, and Why for using Call Fire?

Training Here

CINC Training

Learn how to use this tool so you can grow a sustainable and predictable business?

Pipelines, Labels, and Follow Up Training

Want to make your own CINC email templates?

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How to set up the 12 Day Plan

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Downloadable Resources

15th Protocol

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Facebook A-Z

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Partner Roster

Below is a table of all UHG Partners with their phone number, email and Market Center address. Use the drop down menus to filter by state or city.